Sports Medicine

Pro Rehabilitation Services offers customized sport specific rehabilitation and injury prevention programs tailored to meet the rigorous demands of any athlete. Whether you compete at the intramural level or professionally, we have the knowledge you need to stay in the game.

The Sports Medicine program at PRO Rehabilitation Services is a unique approach whereby our physical and occupational therapists work together with athletic trainers to provide athletes with the best possible care. Our staff works with team physicians, orthopedic surgeons and family doctors to assist with injury management. In treating the young athlete the parents are informed and involved throughout the entire process of rehabilitation.

What do our sports therapists do?

  1. Work to assist with injury prevention through preventative screening and institution of prevention exercises
  2. Treat, manage and prevent over use injuries or traumatic injury for sports activities
  3. Educate the athlete on strength and flexibility
  4. Evaluate biomechanics of the sport and the movement patterns of the athlete

What is the therapy process at PRO Rehabilitation Services?

Initial Evaluation
A full detailed history and evaluation of the athlete occurs in a one-on-one session with the Physical Therapist. This is the most critical phase of the therapy process. It provides the information needed to determine all factors that may predispose the athlete to the injury. The evaluation reviews the physical needs of the athlete. Our therapists evaluate the athlete's strength, flexibility, and biomechanical and structural changes. They review the equipment, shoes and bracing. They look at the training patterns of the particular sport as well as the position the athlete plays in that sport. Overall, the evaluation determines the nature of the injury and guides the clinician to the best course of therapy.

Post evaluation our therapists will specifically design a treatment program based on the evaluation findings. They will educate the athlete on safe and independent home exercise. The therapists will recommend modifications to the sports activity to decrease stress to the injured area. The patient's goals may be focused on education and exercise related to postural positions and areas of tightness and weakness. Our therapists will work with the patient to restore balance and to progress the athlete to normal sport related activity.

PRO Rehabilitation Services provides advanced care for a variety of sports related conditions including but not limited to the following:

Knee Injuries
ACL injuries
Rotator Cuff Tear or Strain
Achilles tears/tendonitis
Throwers elbow
Plantar Fasciitis
Golfers elbow
Spinal injuries
Skiers thumb

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